Before working with Lisa, I had just left the corporate world to pursue an alternative career. Our time together was pivotal in my journey because she helped me go deeper than my words, uncovering the source of my thoughts/habits; held me accountable; and, provided critical suggestions that uncovered new pathways for me to explore. I am overwhelmed by the changes we made during our partnership. I am able to see new perspectives on what triggers habits that no longer serve me. Even if I stumble, I am prepared to get up and move forward with a better choice. Without Lisa’s help, I would not have expedited the changes necessary to show up on my journey as a coach. She is a powerful coach who I would highly recommend. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.
— Laura Di Tomasso, Professional Coach,
Lisa can hear things you can’t hear yourself.... she picks up on the breadcrumbs. For me, that was things deeply buried under the surface and not necessarily obviously causative factors in my situation. ‘Releasing’ some of these created massive change for me and my business. In the past couple of months, more than a year after coaching, I was able to take a huge leap that I wouldn’t have even considered before: I purchased another business, tripled the size of my team and quadrupled my revenues. I recognize that I’m playing the long game now. Because of my work with Lisa, I’m allowing myself to become WHO I AM without driving myself in an ill-fitting container. I continue to unfold in ways I never thought possible or imagined. Coaching can plant seeds that continue to effect well into the future . . . bearing unexpected and amazing fruit later on.
— Jenn T., Small Business Owner, Website and Graphic Design,
By working with Lisa, I was able to clarify my values and how they relate to my coaching practice and current partnerships, talk through resources, and receive coaching around setting up my website. I feel great about the outcomes - I have greater clarity around what I want to do with a whole life wellness program and how I want to work with clients going forward.

I loved Lisa’s style. She has a wonderful relatable nature. I felt a true partnership and encouragement in my journey. She is excellent at making connections in the coaching conversation! Thank you so much!
— Anna M., Career and Life Coach, Navigations Coaching
I’ve been trying to balance parenting with work goals, and I’ve had a sense that there’s work I’d love to do, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Working with Lisa, I found a clearer understanding of my personal strengths and values, and realized that working to build my confidence might help me look at work in a new way and find a place of fulfillment. Lisa has so many valuable resources and best of all she’s a great listener. The coaching process really helped me take time to intentionally look inward and move forward with tangible tools and next steps.
— Katharine B., Consultant, Environmental Industry

Every time I talk to you I feel so much lighter afterwards.

Lisa, thank you so much for doing this with me! Not only is my life pretty much exactly the way I want it now, but I’m also aware of this. I’m so grateful and happy that I have time, that I’m writing again, that I have a good job, that my marriage is really fulfilling, and that I am able to love my girls without reservation and feeling so distracted. As we talked I realized one last thing: that the point of getting your life the way you want it, is to be awake for the ride and to recognize happiness when you have it, so that you can return to it again and again when things are not going as well. So incredibly great. Your insights were amazing; you’re a really thoughtful, positive person and this comes through in your coaching. I would recommend this process to everyone I know.
— Julie T., Author, College Professor
I gained a new awareness and deeper understanding of my values and edges for growth through working with Lisa. I also received action steps and ideas for how to continue my personal work in these areas. I loved my coaching experience with Lisa! I learned a lot about myself - gained new energy, wisdom and courage. Lisa is an amazing listener, encourager, and prober. She helps you get to where you want to go!
— Dani R., Executive Director, Education
Lisa’s inquisitive nature, empathy, and listening skills make her an exceptional coach. Her genuine concern for others and respect for their values enables her to provide ongoing support that delivers lasting benefits as she sets clear next-steps and follows up on results. She digs in to ask meaningful questions, picks up on subtleties of language as well as non-verbal cues, clarifies her understanding of the responses, and gently aids individuals to find their best path forward. She is straightforward and honest, setting clear parameters up front to clarify roles and responsibilities and she re-emphasizes them as needed. She is candid about where she can guide others and where they need to make decisions themselves. This creates an understanding of boundaries while also establishing a strong, supportive coaching relationship. I recommend Lisa Northey without reservation.
— Sara C., Marketing Manager
As more of an ideas person than a doer, I often have trouble following through on something I dream up. Lisa knew the perfect questions to ask; helped me see where to direct my energy; and how to turn my ideas into doable projects. Her warm and inquisitive personality makes it easy to open up, look at potential stumbling blocks and let those go.
— Alison N., Running Coach, Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur
You are very perceptive and I appreciate your ability to put the pieces of my puzzle together so quickly. I feel like you hear me and the progress I’m making is more than I had hoped for in such a short amount of time. This is hard work but it couldn’t come at a better time; I feel excited about this process and what I will be able to do as I move forward. You’re an amazing coach with great tools! Thanks for seeing me and helping me see the best in myself—I’m so grateful.
— Sussi R., Artist, Pilates Instructor, Entrepreneur
A coach helps you define success and the steps needed to achieve it. A good coach identifies your best strengths and helps you focus on the path for building on them. A great coach does all this and helps you find the power within yourself to take action, embrace change and achieve your dreams. Lisa Northey is a great coach…compassionate, caring and 100 percent committed to her client on each step of her or his journey.
— Deborah H., SVP, Corporate Executive
Lisa strives for excellence in everything she does. She has gone above and beyond to deliver and exceed […] client expectations. Her work approach is and always has been top notch.
— D.L., Vice President, HR Executive
Lisa works well with everyone…She is respected and people like to work with her. They trust her ability to do good work and she has a great record of performance…I love working with her and so appreciate everything she has contributed. Lisa is a very special person and I admire her work ethic and balance in life.
— P.B., SVP, Corporate Executive
Lisa, I have an enormous amount of respect for you and your talent. I’ve been around the block and have seen only a handful of people with your attention to detail coupled with your strategic thinking.
— J.C., SVP, Corporate Executive

Photo by Nikita Burdin